Birch bark, sweet


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Also known as
Betula alba, Betula lenta

The sweet birch is a large tree native to North America used as a pain reliever, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, spice, and to reduce headaches, dissolve kidney stones, and as a poultice or in soap for damaged skin and open sores. Sweet birch is highly aromatic and the bark when peeled smells strongly of peppermint.

methyl salicylate, creosol, guaiacol

Harvest Data
Origin: USA
Certified organic, Wildharvested
Cut and sifted bark

Birch has a sweet and minty taste, providing a more durable and heat tolerant alternative to peppermint and spearmint for spiced teas that require any level of boiling. Recommended 1/2-1 teaspoon per serving.

Birch bark is a pleasant smelling and useful herb native to the USA, being used as a tonic tea, a flavoring and additive to root beer, and to support healthy and damaged skin. Birch contains a very high concentration of methyl salicylate, which metabolizes into salicylic acid, a constituent of willow trees and the base structure of aspirin.

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