Bitter orange peel


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Also known as
Citrus aurantium

The Bitter orange comes from an evergreen tree with long spines and extremely aromatic flowers. The fruit has a strikingly bitter taste that separates itself from the traditionally eaten sweet orange, however this has not deterred it's use in food products such as marmalade and candy.

p-synephrin, n-methyltyramine, octopamine, vitamin c, flavones, carotenoids

Harvest Data
Origin: Ghana
Certified Organic
Cut peel

Bitter orange peel makes a tasty and stimulating cup of tea at 1/2-1 tbsp amounts that improves breathing and reduces appetite while stimulating digestion. Perfect for recovering from the common cold, and thanks to it's energizing nature, bitter orange peel goes great with a morning cup of tea to get the day started! Bitter orange peel might also be helpful for those attempting to lose weight due to it's fat burning qualities.

The Bitter orange is quite the alternative to the orange we have all grown up with and loved, but this does not mean it should be brushed aside as just another fruit. Due to the uplifting effects of the Bitter orange, to some it may be more important a discovery than it's sweet counterpart!

Bitter orange peel should not be taken consecutively for long periods of time and should not be used in extraordinary amounts as abuse of this herb can have negative side effects. As always, speak to your doctor before trying a new herb or supplement.

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