Black walnut hull powder


  • Product Type: Herbals


Also known as
Juglans nigra

Black walnut is a traditional food & medicine of the Native American, the hull being the primarily medicinal part of the plant. The hull of the plant has been used to kill intestinal parasites & is a very effective anti-parasitical. Black walnut trees release a compound into the nearby soil that prevents other plants from overtaking their roots.

Juglone, hydrojuglone

Harvest Data
Origin: USA
Certified organic
Pure powdered hull

Recommended 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per day, not to exceed 2 weeks continuous use without a 1 week break. For serious cleansing it is recommended to both combine anti-parasitical herbs with black walnut hull and to cycle its use with similar, less harsh herbs.

Black walnut hull can be part of an effective strategy to eliminate intestinal parasites & eggs, aiding one in purification of their system. Cloves & wormwood are two herbs recommended to take with black walnut hull for an optimal parasite cleanse.

Do not exceed 2 weeks of daily use. After extended periods of use, it is recommended to take probiotics to encourage proper balance of intestinal flora.

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