Calamus root and powder, Chinese (Shi Chang Pu)


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Also known as
Acorus gramineus, Shi Chang Pu

Acorus gramineus is a plant closely related to its cousin Acorus calamus, both being wetland lovers with extremely pleasant smelling reed like leaves who most likely originated in India but can now be found growing throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Calamus of all types has been used medicinally and spiritually from Asia to India to Europe and the United states, although it's internal consumption is now restricted by the FDA.

alpha-asarone, beta-asarone, eugenol, elemicin, camphor, borneol

Harvest Data
Origin: China
Preservative free
Root slices and powder

In the Traditional Chinese system of Medicine, Acorus gramineus would have been boiled in doses of 3-6 grams to create an herbal tea decoction. The herb can cause nausea in high doses, and we have found that 2-4 grams of the freshly powdered herb taken in capsules provides an adequate dose without causing stomach discomfort.

Acorus gramineus has been used in the Traditional Chinese system of Medicine as a cognition aid, to support healthy development of the functions of the mind in young adults and children, and is believed to be a premier tonic for expelling phlegm and dampness from the body. This Chinese variety of calamus has activity at the GABA site, improves memory through acetylcholine esterase inhibition, and may behave as an NMDA antagonist, possibly explaining the plants use as a cognition enhancer and entheogen.

It should be noted that the FDA has made claims that a constituent of calamus, "asarone", is hepatotoxic and can harm the liver. As such we do not formally sell the root for internal use.

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