Chlorella powder


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Also known as
Chlorella vulgaris

Chlorella, one of the oldest living organisms on the planet, is a single-celled algae that contains numerous vitamins, minerals, rare nutrients, and has an impressive 3.5% chlorophyll content. Chlorella is similar to Spirulina, but is a more effective tool for detoxification, enhancement of the immune system, and repairing the body, while Spirulina has a better anti-oxidant profile with a superior protein and healthy fatty acid content. Our Chlorella is grown and harvested from secluded private lakes in Japan to assure purity and quality. Chlorella is considered a perfect food source and serves as a great tool for meeting the days necessary protein requirements, especially for those who do not consume meat. Our Chlorella has a cracked cell wall, which greatly increases the absorption of nutrients found in the algae.

Chlorella is a complete protein that boasts a full essential amino acid content while providing an extremely large amount of secondary vitamins and trace minerals. Contains Chlorella Growth Factor which encourages the repair of damaged nerves and enhances the immune system.

Harvest Data
Origin: Taiwan
Certified Organic
Powdered with cracked cell wall

Chlorella can be eaten directly or added to a smoothie for an extremely nutritious boost. Recommended 1 teaspoon or less when starting out, however once one has gotten used to the taste, feel free to eat as much as you want. Chlorella is a food and can be taken as such, and is one of the most effective way to increase protein intake. Whether you are a vegetarian, bodybuilder, or just looking to increase your nutritional intake, Chlorella is an excellent ally that should not be overlooked!

Chlorella is a top choice superfood that excels as a source of protein, is excellent for detoxification, enhances the immune system, and encourages the repair of damaged nerves via Chlorella Growth Factor.

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