Citrus peel extract
(50% polyphenols)
Citrus reticulata


  • Product Type: Dry extracts


Also known as
Citrus reticulata Blanco

Fruit belonging to the citrus family has been used by humans for thousands of years. Those in the USA may know the citrus fruit as a staple crop of Florida, but most would be surprised to find out that citrus is not native to the Americas, or even Europe or Africa, and that all varieties of this fruit come from the East, where the fruit, seeds, and peel are all utilized as a food, spice, and tonic medicine.

Extract data
Origin: China
Extract of the skins of Citrus Reticulata Blanco, standardized to a 50% polyphenol concentration.

Recommended amount per dose is 500-2000 mg, or 1-4 size '00' capsules.

Citrus contains numerous polyphenols and bioflavonoids, constituents which give citrus fruit its characteristic flavor, color, smell, and taste. Some of the more abundant polyphenols found in citrus fruit would be hesperidin, rutin, naringin, and quercitin, often found in complexes rich in vitamin c. Citrus polyphenols have been shown to greatly enhance the absorption of vitamin c, and it is recommended to always take the two together.

Do not consume without knowing an accurate dosage. A milligram scale is highly recommended.

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