Clove buds


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Also known as
Syzygium aromaticum, Eugenia aromaticum

Cloves are strongly scented dried flower buds native to Indonesia and used as a spice all over the world. Cloves have been used as Incense, a smoking flavor additive, as tea and it's primary oil Eugenol has pronounced antiseptic and anesthetic properties.

eugenol, gallotannic acid, caryophyllin, eugenin

Harvest Data
Origin: Sri Lanka, India
Certified organic
whole dried cloves

Can be chewed or smoked, both of which greatly draw out it's numbing anti-septic characteristics, can be used to flavor tea, or combined sparingly with other spices such as turmeric and cinnamon to flavor a meal.

Cloves and it's oil, Eugenol make for strong germicides as well as insect repellents and has been used in dentistry to numb and clean the mouth. A strong and unforgettable spice that no home should be without.

Do not over consume cloves and some people are allergic so please be cautious if you are new to the herb.

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