Coenzyme Q10


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Also known as
CoQ10 (liposoluble), ubiquinone, ubidecarenone, coenzyme Q

CoQ10 is a pseudo-vitamin found in near all animals and bacteria, and present in all respiring eukaryotic cells. CoQ10 participates in aerobic cellular respiration, which generates energy in the form of ATP. Nearly all (95%) of the human body's energy is created through this route. The highest CoQ10 concentrations are found in the organs with the highest energy requirements, these being the heart, liver, and the kidney. CoQ10 supplementation has been found to reduce free radicals by increasing circulating levels of the chief antioxidant SOD (Superoxide Dimutase) by upwards of 29%, affecting the entire body and nearly all of its living cells.

CoQ10 is valued for its ability to increase circulating levels of antioxidants, especially those that are vital for reducing side effects that occur from heightened dopamine turnover, making the supplement ideal for those who take opiates or amphetamine type stimulants.

Supplement data
Origin: China
Ubiquinone (fully oxidized)

Recommended amount per dose is 100-250 mg per day, or 1/5th to 1/2 a size '00' capsule. Do not consume without an accurate mg scale.

CoQ10 shows numerous benefits, first as a pseudo-vitamin, providing the body with an excess store of this vital compound that is utilized for energy expenditure, and also as an antioxidant, a neuroprotective agent, as a way to improve blood flow and endothelial function, and to support healthy erections. CoQ10 shows the most promising benefits for those who have cardiac issues, have previously experienced a heart attack, or who take statin drugs, which reduce the levels of circulating CoQ10 in the body by as much as 40%.

Do not consume without knowing an accurate dosage. A milligram scale is highly recommended.

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