Coptis root and powder, Chinese (Huang Lian)


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Also known as
Coptis chinensis, Chinese goldthread, Huang Lian

Chinese coptis is one of the 50 fundamental herbs of Traditional Chinese Medicine, belonging to the Ranunculaceae family, coptis is closely related to the herbs corydalis, and phellodendron, all of which share a common ancestor with the fabled opium poppy. Coptis functions as a potent antiparasitic and is used to reduce pain, as well as support gastrointestinal and liver health.

berberine, palmatine, and coptisine among others.

Harvest Data
Origin: China
Cut and sifted root, powdered root

Chinese coptis is an extremely bitter herb. It is highly recommended to be freshly powdered and put into capsules. Recommended 500-2000 mg, or one half to a full teaspoon per serving.

Chinese coptis is a powerful herbal ally, belonging to a revered family and order of plants, all well known for their medicinal and tonic actions. The herb contains berberine and related compounds in extremely high concentrations, and can serve a number of purposes from weight loss, mood improvement, pain relief, anxiety and stress reduction, all the way to blood sugar and insulin regulation. The herb is not one to be overlooked.

Chinese coptis should not be used while pregnant. Coptis may interact with some medicines, it is recommended to speak to a medical professional before starting use.

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