Ginkgo biloba leaf


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Also known as
Ginkgo biloba, Yin xing

Ginkgo biloba is one of the best tools available for increasing oxygenation and delivery of nutrients to the entire body. It also helps with hardening of arteries, blood clots, premature aging, anxiety, tension headaches, vertigo, senility, dementia, Alzheimer’s, visual problems, diabetic vascular weakness, migraines, and hearing problems. Ginkgo is also a CYP3A4 inhibitor, a CYP2D6 inducer at high doses (and a very mild inhibitor at low doses), an acetylcholinergic enhancer, as well as a significant dopamine & norepinephrine re-uptake inhibitor.

Ginkgolides & flavone glycosides

Harvest Data
Origin: China
Certified Organic
Cut leaf

2-4 grams brewed in tea provides a noticeable lift as circulation is enhanced and blood delivers oxygen & nutrients throughout the body & brain. Ginkgo also sensitizes the body to all stimuli by inhibiting the inhibitor, GABA. Ginkgo also may preserve dopamine in the frontal cortical regions of the brain, linked to higher cognitive functioning.

Improves blood & oxygen circulation to the brain and peripheral body parts (without increasing blood pressure).
Enhances utilization of oxygen & glucose.
Circulatory system tonic.
Stabilizes cell membranes.
Glandular tonic.
Excellent antioxidant for the nervous & circulatory systems.
Activates enzymes to improve nerve transmissions.
Regulates neurotransmitters.
Enhances memory, mental efficiency, concentration, sociability, & mood.

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