Guayusa leaf herbal tea


  • Product Type: Herbals


Ilex guayusa is an amazonian tea in the same family as Yerba mate but caries with it a much higher caffeine content.

Guayusa is consumed in certain parts of South America much the same way as coffee, and has been used by indigenous hunters to stay alert, awake and to sharpen instincts earning it the name "Night Watchman".

3% caffeine, theobromine, L-theanine and a glutamic acid analogue

Harvest Data
Origin: Ecuador
Shade Grown, Certified organic, Wildharvested, & Fair trade
Cut and sifted leaf flakes from Ilex guayusa

Simmer water and tea leaves for 2-3 minutes, strain and enjoy!

Guayusa is the tea drinkers answer to coffee! Containing compounds found in green tea and chocolate and packing a whopping 3% caffeine content, Guayusa earns it's name as the "Night Watchman".

Guayusa is a clean stimulant similar to coffee but lacking the edge a cup of joe can sometimes bring. If you dislike or are sensitive to caffeine than guayusa is not for you. It's long term use is not recommended and it is to be avoided while pregnant.

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