Helichrysum flowers


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Also known as
Helichrysum arenarium, Immortelle flowers

Helichrysum, is a perennial plant named after the Greek words Helios meaning sun, and Chrysos meaning gold, which produces bright yellow flowers that preserve their golden color, even when dried for many years. Because of this retention of beauty, Helichrysum flowers were often given as gifts and offerings by the Greeks.

flavonoids, naringenin, helichrysin, kaempferol glucosides, apigenin, luetolin, quercetin, scopoletin, umbelliferone, and essential oil.

Harvest Data
Origin: Croatia, Albania
Certified organic
Dried flower clusters

Helichrysum makes an excellent addition to pre-blended herbal teas for its beautiful color and texture, blending very well with other brightly or penetrating colors, making a tea look and feel more alive. The flowers are quite large, so only a small amount is needed to give a blend of herbs a delightful palate. Helichrysum also can heal the skin, and is claimed to be as potent as the expensive alternative anica, and along the lines of efficacy in regards to skin healing and inflammation reducing effects to herbs such as lavender and chamomile.

Helichrysum produces strikingly beautiful flowers that gives depth to most herbal teas it is mixed with. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties, contains a plethora of actives in its essential oil, and serves as a bitter, improving digestion. Helichrysum is said to have been linked to magical rites, and has also been described as the flower which most perfectly represents true and eternal love.

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