Hops flower tincture


  • Product Type: Tinctures & Essential oils


Tinctured herbal extract of Hops flower buds (Humulus lupus), preserved in 45% alcohol. Approximately 750 mg to 1 gram of herb per dropper.

Also known as
Humulus lupus

Hops are the names of the flowers in the Canabaceae family, native to Europe, Western Asia, & North America. Hops is the main ingredient and bitter in most beers and the herb acts as a general sedative calming agent, lending itself well to nighttime or stress reducing blends.

myrcene, humulene, xanthohumol, myrcenol, linalool, tannins, and resin.

Hops is an excellent general sedative with unique properties, operating unlike traditional calming herbs. It is closely related to Cannabis sativa and shares many of the same essential oils & terpenes. Is it any wonder both have been found to have been used in multiple cultures for similar purposes throughout time?

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