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Also known as
Melissa officinalis

Lemon balm, commonly called Melissa is a member of the Mint family, possessing a rich & calming lemon scented aroma true to its name. Lemon balm is an effective relaxant & anti-anxiety herb, working best included with other sedative herbs.

citral (neral + geranial), polyphenols, hydroxycinnamic compounds, rosmarinic acid, and flavonoids.

Harvest Data
Origin: USA
Cut & sifted leaf
Certified organic

1-2 teaspoons or 2-4 grams can be steeped in boiled water to produce a relaxing & calming tea. Lemon balm has additive effects overtime & with other sedatives, making it an excellent gentle daily tonic for those who lead overstressed or anxious lives.

Lemon balm is an herb with a rich history of use as a sedative, a magical herb, & a source of good luck. Modern research into the herb has shown that lemon balm can inhibit the enzyme GABA transaminase, leading to higher levels of circulating GABA, the neurotransmitter directly linked to relaxation, reduction of anxiety, & social comfort.

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