Licorice root


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Also known as
Glycyrrhiza glabra

Licorice is a super sweet root with a taste similar to anise and sassafras. It's active compound Glycyrrhizin is 50 times sweeter than sugar and behaves as an adrenal stimulant. Widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and by Alexander the Great to endure stamina.

Glycyrrhizin ,anethole, polysaccharides

Harvest Data
Origin: China
Certified organic
cut and sifted roots

Licorice gives a great flavor to tea and has been known to be used as a flavoring with tobacco. Licorice stimulates the body through the adrenals, can help clear coughs and improves breathing.

Licorice root is much more than the candy would let you think, it is a highly used herb throughout the world ranking first place in China and is perfect for improving the conditions of the body, especially when sick or trying to recover.

Licorice root affects the adrenal glands, so those with hypertension should avoid this herb. Please speak to your doctor before using this herb as it can interact with medications and other herbs and supplements.

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