Lindera root


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Also known as
Lindera aggregata, Wu Yao

Lindera is a little known herb belonging to the Lauraceae family of plants, and is related to species such as cinnamon and sassafras. Lindera is utilized in the Traditional Chinese system of Medicine, where it is known as Wu Yao, and used to support digestive and detoxification functions of the body, reduce blood pressure, and as a tonic herb for reducing anxiety and needless fears.

essential oil, boldine, norboldine, reticuline and linderegatine

Harvest Data
Origin: China
Preservative free
Root slices

Lindera is recommended to be used in 3-9 gram doses, boiled in water for 2-3 minutes, preferably with other aromatic herbs and spices such as ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg.

Lindera is a lesser known herb, but none the less profound in its actions, excelling as a digestive aid, bronchial stimulant, and detoxicant, with pain relieving and mood lifting secondary effects. Lindera contains isoquinoline alkaloids, which are linked to the production of endogenous (body created) opioids. The amounts are minuscule and not enough to elicit what most would consider an opioid effect, however these isoquinoline alkaloids may indeed be responsible in part for the mood lifting and pain relieving effects that Lindera is associated with.

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