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Also known as
Verbascum Thapsus, Great mullein, Common mullein

Mullein is towering plant with a single stalk rising as high up as 6 feet loaded with fluffy leaves and topped with a spike of yellow flowers. The flowers cover the mouth with a honey-like odor and a sweet taste. The name mullein itself is derived from the Latin word "mollis" which means soft.

Mucilage, flavonoids, Iridoids, sterols, and sugars.

Harvest Data
Origin: Chile
Certified Organic
Cut fluffy leaf

Traditionally used as a tea, and is frequently combined with other herbs in mixtures for treating cough. Mullein makes for a very powerful ally, clearing out the lungs and even thought to help repair the damage caused by chronic tobacco use. Many a tobacco enjoyer have tapered off using blends of Mullein mixed with other herbs, Lobelia inflata being a prime example due to it's effects on the brain's nicotinic receptors.

The soothing mucilages of mullein coat sore throats and enable productive coughing when used either as a tea. Mullein is by far the most popular herbal tobacco alternative and carries over it's sweet honey like flavor.

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