Noni berry powder


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Also known as
Morinda citrifolia

The fruit of Morinda citrifolia, commonly known as Noni is a true superfood consumed in both Asia & South America, cherished not just for its vitamins & minerals, but for its neuro-active phyto-chemicals.

lignans, oligo- and polysaccharides, flavonoids, iridoids, fatty acids, scopoletin, catechin, beta-sitosterol, damnacanthal, and alkaloids.

Harvest Data
Origin: Peru
Certified Organic
Powdered berry

Noni berry can be consumed straight, mixed into a drink or smoothie, combined with other superfood powders, or used as an ingredient in home made nutrition bars. Noni has a mild taste that is improved with the addition of sour fruits such as citrus.

Noni is a very special fruit, a berry that is believed to sharpen the mind, enhance metabolism, offer anti-inflammatory effects, clean the liver, and burn fat. It is a fruit, but also has herb like properties, which puts Noni into the tonic class.

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