Osha root


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Also known as
Mountain ginseng, Bear Medicine, Ligusticum porteri

Osha is only found in mountainous terrain and due to it's dependence on mycorrhizal fungi has not been successfully cultivated. Osha is commonly used to cool the lungs and encourage breathing, to stimulate the body, and is a favorite of bears waking up from hibernation who chew the root and rub the spent mush on their fur.


Harvest Data
Origin: USA
Whole roots

It is recommended to follow the example of the bear, and chew Osha, which captures the various oils inside, cools & numbs the lungs, mouth, and throat, and serves as an indicator as to the best amounts to take. 1-2 grams is an effective amount, while consuming larger amounts provides a more pronounced stimulant action. Osha has also been used as a Native American ingredient for herbal blends, clearing the lungs and giving off a spicy taste.

Osha root is a rare and powerful herb that improves the conditions of the body when dealing with stress and fatigue, providing energy and encouraging breathing. It strengthens the body, is a potent immune system stimulant, and greatly encourages breathing. Osha has been considered an effective replacement for Ma huang when it comes to helping the body recover from sickness.

Please be cautious with your use of Osha, it is facing extinction due to over harvesting. Do not use if pregnant and do not give to children. High doses can cause over-stimulation.

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