Periwinkle leaf


  • Product Type: Herbals


Also known as
Vinca minor

Periwinkle has a broad range of traditional uses, and as of late has received attention due to it's alkaloid compound vincamine, which is believed to act as a cognitive enhancing agent and is a precursor to the supplement Vinpocetine, a very popular nootropic.

vincamine, reserpine, reserpinine, akuammicine, majdine, vinerine, ervine, vineridine, tombozine, vincamajine, vincanine, vincanidine, vincamone, apovincamine, vincaminol, and desoxyvincaminol

Harvest Data
Origin: Bulgaria, Croatia
Certified organic
Cut and sifted foliage

Taken as tea for general mental well being such as memory and circulatory health.

Periwinkle has a wide variety of effects mostly attributed towards improving cognition by enhancing blood circulation, particularly to the brain, for which it is one of if not the very best effective herbal agent for doing so.

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