Phoenix Remedy medicated tea


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Phoenix Remedy is a masterfully crafted herbal tea designed to enhance the immune system, cleanse the body of parasites, detoxify the liver and the kidneys, and provide an anti-inflammatory effect. This therapeutic tea is based off of traditional indigenous healing methods that are essential for life in the harsh habitat of the Amazon rainforest, and are vital allies for improving and maintaining health, cleansing the body of toxins and parasites, and globally reducing inflammation.


Pau d'Arco,
Sarsaparilla (Indian),
Sarsaparilla (Jamaican),
Echinacea purpurea,
Echinacea angustifolia,
Cat's claw (Peruvian),
Dandelion root (Roasted),
Chaga mushroom,
Sassafras bark,
Cinnamon (Cassia),

Brews a sweet tasting tea best consumed throughout the day (1 serving = 1-3 tsp; 1 tsp / 1 cup infusion - lightly boiled for 2-5 minutes).

Pau d'Arco is claimed to be one of the most effective herbs at treating cancer, as well as hosting a plethora of other benefits including but not limited to relaxing inflamed joints and muscles, strengthening the immune system, and detoxifying the body. We only carry the inner bark of Lapacho, which allows for sustainable harvesting of this beautiful tree and carries the largest concentration of active compounds by far.

Indian Sarsaparilla root is a delicious herbal tonic most known for its use as the main ingredient for the drink of the same name: Sarsaparilla. The root has been used for venereal disease, to increase the appetite, as a diuretic, & as a general health tonic or panacea.

Jamaican Sarsaparilla root is another tasty herbal tonic also used as the main ingredient for Sarsaparilla. Jamaican Sarsaparilla is not as aromatic or sweet tasting as the Indian variety, but is considered to be a better therapeutic herb. The root has been used for venereal disease, to increase the appetite, as a diuretic, & as a general health tonic or panacea. Jamaican sarsaparilla supports healthy hormone production and cleanses the blood, kidneys, & liver.

Echinacea angustifolia is a classic tonic for health & well-being and has been shown to stimulate the immune system through the endocannabinoid receptors, cb1 & cb2. Echinacea also shows action as a muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory in addition to being a well rounded tonic. The root of Echinacea angustifolia is a potent immune system stimulant in high doses.

Echinacea purpurea is relative of the stronger Echinacea angustifolia, and is used for many of the same purposes. Echinacea purpurea is considered milder than its cousin, and makes an excellent well rounded daily tea that is more effective at balancing the immune system rather than strongly stimulating it.

Peruvian Cat's claw has a variety of potent alkaloids and anti-oxidant catechins; compounds which enhance the immune system, improve circulation, and relax the nerves. It is strongly believed to have life giving properties by many native groups, heralding it's place as one of the top rainforest medicines.

Roasted Dandelion root is a tasty way to cleanse the liver and kidneys, possessing an aroma and flavor not unlike coffee, this herb sprouts up just about everywhere. A piece of herbal lore states, that an herb will grow near a person who can benefit from its use. With the prevalence of alcohol in our Western society, is it any wonder why we consider dandelion a noxious weed?

Chaga is predominantly found in Poland, Russia, Korea, and throughout North America. Recent studies in China and Korea have shown that that Chaga is extremely high in antioxidants and shows very strong immune system balancing properties. It has been sold in Russia since the 1960's as Befunigin, as a cancer cure, and is commonly used in many Russian households as a general tonic. When brewing Chaga for the purpose of making a tea, you can re-brew your material a second time without loss to flavor or potency.

Sassafras is an age old American remedy, utilized by both the Indigenous as well as the colonists and has been a favorite of many for years as a panacea, detoxicant, and heart opening herb. Sassafras stimulates the liver, the kidneys, and the gallbladder and causes a detoxification action, acting as a diuretic and sweat inducer.

Cassia Cinnamon is a delicious tasting spice, once heralded as so valuable that wars were fought over its trade. Cinnamon is modernly used as a culinary spice and as an extremely effective at lowering both blood sugar, and blood pressure.

Ginger is a wonderfully tasting tonic with a spicy flavor, generally used for nausea but also functions as a potent anti-inflammatory agent with powerful blood circulating effects.

Nutmeg is a very special herb, in fresh whole or cut form much different than what one would find as a powdered spice on the shelves of their local supermarket. The flavor is that of a savory aromatic, rich & deep, thick & intoxicating. Nutmeg modulates dopamine & endorphin release, functioning as an aphrodisiac & mood enhancer. Nutmeg also has a relaxing effect, reducing blood pressure & improving the quality of sleep. In addition to its unique and complex essential oil content, nutmeg contains calming and immune system enhancing cannabinoid type compounds stored in its fat, making this herb much more than the spice most would think it is.

Stevia is a sweet tasting sugar free herb that transforms the flavor of this herbal tonic tea into a drink that even old fashioned colas cannot compare with. Stevia contains an excellent anti-oxidant profile and has a history of safe traditional usage, and modern studies show that stevia can even help lower blood sugar levels and reduce weight!

Precautions Avoid while pregnant or nursing. The herbs in this blend are powerful, Cat's claw in particular potently elevates the immune system and can cause issues with those with auto-immune disorders or advanced stages of parasitical infection. As with all herbs, please speak to your doctor before use.

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