Polygala root and powder (prepared)


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Also known as
Polygala tenuifolia, Zhi Yuan Zhi, Chinese Senega

Polygala tenuiflora is one of the 50 fundamental herbs of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is the premier tonic for the brain and mental functions.
Polygala root is a NMDA antagonist, AMPA agonist, acetylcholine esterase (ACHE) inhibitor, it stimulates acetylcholine synthesis via ChAT (Choline acetyltransferase), inhibits the re-uptake of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, mildly inhibits monoamine oxidase (MAO), enhances the immune system, reduces inflammation in the brain, protects neurons from oxidative stress and shock, reduces stress and cortisol levels, increases nerve growth factor (NGF), brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), super oxide dimutase in the hippocampus, catalase (CAT), and glutathione peroxidase (GSH-PX) activity, attenuates nitric Oxide, TNF-α, and PGE2 production, and reduces secretion of amyloid b-protein (Ab) in neuroblastoma cells.

Tenuifolisides A, B, and C, 3,6'-disaponylsucrose (DISS), tenuifoliose A, B, C, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, S, T, V, W, and X, tenuifolin, tenuigenin,senegenin, senegenin II, senegenin III, polygalasaponin F (PGSF), tenuifoside A, polygalasaponin XXXII, onjisaponin V, E, L, G, F, O, S, R, W, TH, TE, TF, TG, Gg, and Ng, Sibiricose A1, sibiricose A5, and sibitircose A6, 7-O-methylmangiferin, shibiricaxanthone A, and lancerin, Yuanzhi-1, tetrahydrocolumbamine, triterpenoid glycosides, clionasterol, chondrillasterol, and more.

Harvest Data
Origin: China
Sliced root or root powder
Prepared via Traditional Chinese Medicinal texts

Up to 2 grams in tea, or a single gram when powdered and encapsulated, or made into tincture or blend. Polygala has a bitter taste and can upset the stomach, and is complimentary with other mental tonics such as celastrus, bacopa, gotu kola, vinca, muira puama, and ginkgo biloba. The prepared variety is cooked with licorice root, improving absorption of certain constituents while reducing intestinal discomfort, allowing for higher doses to be achieved without the side effects that can accompany the raw root. We recommend 4 grams of the prepared variety.

Polygala root is a little known mental rejuvenative with broad reaching pharmacological activity. The root is calming, uplifting, mentally and emotionally stimulating, mood improving, stress reducing, adaptogenic, improves memory, and stimulates the growth of new neurons and nerves in the brain and body.

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