Psyllium seed powder


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Also known as
Psyllium seed, Plantago ovata

Psyllium is a plant in the plantain family, also known as Plantaginaceae. It is a fibrous seed with a thick husk (Psyllium husk) that absorbs quite a bit of water when exposed. For these reasons Psyllium is commonly used to "scrub" the intestines and clean out the color.

Fiber, minerals, vitamins, mucilage

Harvest Data
Origin: India
Powdered seed
Certified organic

1/2-1 teaspoons of seed powder are recommended per day. Psyllium has a bulking action, and should be mixed into water before consumption. Eating of the seed powder straight can risk constipation and choking. Avoid if bowels are obstructed or otherwise constipated.

Psyllium is an ideal tonic for cleaning the intestines and colon, rich in vitamins and minerals and soluble fiber which all act as nourishment to the body and beneficial microorganisms that live in our digestive tract. Psyllium when used properly and safely can not only clean out the digestive system, but in doing so also greatly improve the nutritional content one derives from food.

Due to the water loving nature of psyllium, it is recommended to consume with extra water, as much as 1 liter per teaspoon of seed consumed. Psyllium can also bulk up stools, so it is contraindicated in cases of constipation.

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