Quercetin 98%
(Pagoda Tree extract)
Sophora japonica


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Also known as
Quercetin dihydrate, 3,4,5,7-pentahydroxylflavone

Quercetin is a compound known as a bioflavonoid, bioflavonoids encompass an extremely large class of compounds, some of which are known as polyphenols, anthoxanthins, flavanols, anthocyanidins, among others. Bioflavonoids have numerous health benefit, and are believed to play a major role in the antioxidant and health bestowing properties of the vegetable world.

Extract data
Origin: China
Standardized extract of Sophora japonica, totaling a 98% quercetin content.

Recommended amount per dose is 500-2000 mg, or 1-4 size '00' capsules.

Quercetin is a very abundant flavonoid found in plants, composing almost half of the flavonoid content of onions and a large percentage of those found in apples. Quercetin and related compounds are believed to be responsible for many of the health benefits of the plant world, and specifically is linked to a reduction in the stress response, strong antioxidant activity, a reduction in HDL cholesterol, a mild reduction of inflammation, an increase in energy levels, and many other broad reaching effects.

Do not consume without knowing an accurate dosage. A milligram scale is highly recommended.

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