Rainforest Clarity medicated tea


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Rainforest Clarity is a blend of seven herbs, hand selected from the Amazon rainforest, combined in a manner to uplift the spirit while focusing the mind.


Muira puama,
Jamaican Sarsaparilla,

Brews a sweet tasting tea best consumed throughout the day (1 serving = 1-3 tsp; 1 tsp / 1 cup infusion - lightly boiled for 2-5 minutes).

This formulation is designed to provide a dualistic sense of tranquility and energy, awakening the spirit while silencing the chatter of the mind. Guayusa first stimulates while relaxing, increasing neurotransmitter levels and promoting brain waves directly linked to meditation, setting the stage for Muira puama to shine through with its brilliant cognitive enhancing nootropic qualities, improving ones awareness while maintaining the calm, and as a finish both directional effects are amplified by Catuaba & Damiana, which provide a pleasant mood lift of their own accompanied by a noticeable libido boost, both of which excellently compliment this formulation. The blend of these herbs provides an extremely impressive amount of anti-oxidants, functions as a strong neuroprotective agent that promotes new neuron growth, corrects many age-related deficits in health, and consists only of herbs native to South America, of which a majority have been wild-crafted in the Amazon rainforests.

Guayusa is without a doubt the tea of the Amazon, providing a dualistic stimulating & calming effect thanks to the synergy of its high concentration of l-theanine & slow release caffeine, theobromine, & theophylline. Guayusa enhances alertness, memory, stamina, & endurance, earning its traditional name, 'The Night Watchman'. Guayusa contains a wide spectrum of polyphenols & flavonoids, offering almost 2x the anti-oxidant value of Green tea and also has been used by Ayahuasca shamans and lucid dreaming enthusiasts for its unique ability to improve the retention of dreams & dreamlike states.

Muira puama is a powerful nootropic herb and stimulant with aphrodisiac and adaptogenic qualities. Muira puama enhances energy and motivation via beta-adrenergic and d1 dopamine receptors while improving memory & focus through acetylcholine esterase inhibition. Muira puama is a potent neuroprotective & neuroregenerative agent, a potent circulatory stimulant, contains a wide variety of essential oils with potent anti-oxidant qualities, & increases overall sensitivity to all stimuli, including one's dreams.

Catuaba is the premier mood enhancing & aphrodisiac herb of the Amazon, enhancing ones sexual drive & desire, greatly improving blood flow through a potent vasodilatory action, and both increases energy levels while producing a calming effect. Catuaba functions as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor & stimulates the flow of serotonin & acetylcholine in the brain, producing effects such as improvement in memory, motivation, mood, concentration, & sociability.

Suma is a South American root with a mild vanilla like taste that has been hailed as an adaptogen, nourishing the body with rare and essential nutrients while helping it deal with stress, all the while providing energy. It has many similarities to Ginseng and contains a vast amount of beneficial constituents, including the rare mineral Germanium.

Sarsaparilla is a delicious herbal tonic most known for its use as the main ingredient for the drink of the same name: Sarsaparilla. The root has been used for venereal disease, to increase the appetite, as a diuretic, & as a general health tonic or panacea. Jamaican sarsaparilla supports healthy hormone production and cleanses the blood, kidneys, & liver.

Damiana nourishes the nervous system and stimulates blood flow to the sexual organs, toning & strengthening the nervous & hormonal systems. Damiana improves mood, reduces anxiety, and has a mildly euphoria effect. Damiana functions as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor and can be considered to be a more feminine version of catuaba, although it does not increase estrogen levels.

Stevia is a sweet tasting sugar free herb that transforms the flavor of this herbal tonic tea into a drink that even old fashioned colas cannot compare with. Stevia contains an excellent anti-oxidant profile and has a history of safe traditional usage, and modern studies show that stevia can even help lower blood sugar levels and reduce weight!

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