Roots of Revival medicated tea


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Roots of Revival is a panacea adaptogen tonic tea, designed with health in the forefront, both of the immediate and gradual kind. In addition to true nourishing adaptogens, this medicated tea also excels with the restorative herbal actions of the deeply renown herbs found in the healing tea Essiac. Last but not least, the totality of this tea is flavored and spiced like a true old world root beer sarsaparilla tonic. Main actions are restoration of the nervous system, a cleansing and detoxification of the lymph nodes, lungs, skin, liver, sweat glands, colon, and intestines, and supports the body with its potent antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory effects. Highly recommended with Phoenix Remedy medicated tea.


Spikenard aralia,
Acanthopanax root bark,
Jamaican Sarsaparilla,
Indian Sarsaparilla,
Devil's club root bark,
Burdock root,
Sheep sorrel,
Slippery elm,
Turkey rhubarb,
Chaga mushroom,
Holy basil,
Anise seed,
Anise star,
Juniper berries,

Brews a sweet tasting tea best consumed as a daily restorative tonic (1 serving = 1-3 tsp; 1 tsp / 1 cup infusion - lightly boiled for 2-5 minutes).

Spikenard aralia is an ornamental plant in the Araliaceae family of plants, which is home to other renown herbs such as Panax ginseng. Spikenard is similar to ginseng in many regards, and can also be used as a substitute for authentic South American sarsaparilla. Spikenard has activity as an alterative, adaptogen, stimulant, cough suppressant, anti-inflammatory, and diaphoretic.

Acanthopanax is a close relative of both Siberian and Panax ginseng, belonging to the same family as both but being more closely related to Eleuthero (Siberian ginseng). Acanthopanax has very similar properties as Eleuthero, excelling as an adaptogen and increasing resistance to stress. Acanthopanax is more potent by weight than Eleuthero due to the utilization of the root bark instead of the stem and root of the plant. Acanthopanax increases energy levels, protects against fatigue, stimulates hormones, enhances learning and memory, reduces inflammation and pain, boosts the immune system, strengthens tendons and bones, and improves mood. Acanthopanax functions more as an endurance enhancer & para-sympathetic (protective) adaptogen than a sympathetic (stimulatory) adaptogen, increasing endorphin levels in the blood while reducing adrenaline secretion.

Indian Sarsaparilla root is a delicious herbal tonic most known for its use as the main ingredient for the drink of the same name: Sarsaparilla. The root has been used for venereal disease, to increase the appetite, as a diuretic, & as a general health tonic or panacea.

Jamaican Sarsaparilla root is another tasty herbal tonic also used as the main ingredient for Sarsaparilla. Jamaican Sarsaparilla is not as aromatic or sweet tasting as the Indian variety, but is considered to be a better therapeutic herb. The root has been used for venereal disease, to increase the appetite, as a diuretic, & as a general health tonic or panacea. Jamaican sarsaparilla supports healthy hormone production and cleanses the blood, kidneys, & liver.

Devil's club is a tonic type herb, showing benefits to living organisms in reference to life extension and longevity. The herb belongs to a powerful family of plants that are home to ginseng and many relatives, these plants being considered chiefly as tonics and adaptogens. Devil's club has antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, and antimycobacterial properties, and has been traditionally used for reducing inflammation, purification of the blood, balancing blood sugar, childbirth and fertility, sickness, supporting the heart, mental disturbances, pain relief, and as a general overall tonic.

Burdock root is responsible for enhancing the immune system and scavenging free radicals while causing the body to sweat out toxins, it stimulates the immune system and digestion while maintaining blood sugar levels.

Slippery elm contains a high concentration of mucilages which when absorbed by the body are thought to dissolve and clean out mucus deposits found throughout the tissues and nerves. Abundant in the vitamins A,B,C,K and minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Sheep sorrel detoxifies the body through a diuretic and sweat inducing action, effectively cleansing the kidneys in the process. Rich in minerals and vitamins to nourish the body while it cleanses it.

Turkey rhubarb can be a gentle or potent laxative pending on dose and assists the liver in ridding itself of toxic buildup and excess waste. Cleaning out and refreshing the digestive system is a very effective way of optimizing nutrient intake from meals.

Chaga is predominantly found in Poland, Russia, Korea, and throughout North America. Recent studies in China and Korea have shown that that Chaga is extremely high in antioxidants and shows very strong immune system balancing properties. It has been sold in Russia since the 1960's as Befunigin, as a cancer cure, and is commonly used in many Russian households as a general tonic. When brewing Chaga for the purpose of making a tea, you can re-brew your material a second time without loss to flavor or potency.

Holy Basil is a calming adaptogen, assisting the body by reducing cortisol & inflammation, which has a net effect of reducing stress & balancing mood. Holy basil is one of the most highly revered herbs in Ayurveda, and is a vital ally for stress sensitive individuals.

Sassafras is an age old American remedy, utilized by both the Indigenous as well as the colonists and has been a favorite of many for years as a panacea, detoxicant, and heart opening herb. Sassafras stimulates the liver, the kidneys, and the gallbladder and causes a detoxification action, acting as a diuretic and sweat inducer.

Cassia Cinnamon is a delicious tasting spice, once heralded as so valuable that wars were fought over its trade. Cinnamon is modernly used as a culinary spice and as an extremely effective at lowering both blood sugar, and blood pressure.

Anise seed is a pungent thick spice with a flavor that can be described as like licorice and root beer. Anise is sweet & is claimed to relieve coughs, improve digestion, and relax the body & mind.

Star anise is an aesthetically and sensually pleasing herb that holds true to it's name with an intricate star shape and a thick flavor & aroma like a cross between rootbeer and licorice. Star anise is sweet & relieves coughs, improves digestion, and helps relax the body & mind.

Cardamom is most commonly used as an exotic spice, an ingredient in masala chai teas, or as a digestive aid, chewed with fennel after a meal to enhance digestion or to ward off an upset stomach. It has an impressive array of aromatics present in its essential oil and can be used in a multitude of spice & herb blends, either as a medicinal for its aromatic flavor. Cardamom is extremely effective at stopping stomach pains, even those that are drug induced or experienced during pregnancy. Cardamom is also a well known remedy for low sexual response & impotence.

Ginger is a wonderfully tasting tonic with a spicy flavor, generally used for nausea but also functions as a potent anti-inflammatory agent with powerful blood circulating effects.

Nutmeg is a very special herb, in fresh whole or cut form much different than what one would find as a powdered spice on the shelves of their local supermarket. The flavor is that of a savory aromatic, rich & deep, thick & intoxicating. Nutmeg modulates dopamine & endorphin release, functioning as an aphrodisiac & mood enhancer. Nutmeg also has a relaxing effect, reducing blood pressure & improving the quality of sleep. In addition to its unique and complex essential oil content, nutmeg contains calming and immune system enhancing cannabinoid type compounds stored in its fat, making this herb much more than the spice most would think it is.

Licorice root is a sweet tasting herb with stimulating qualities, is said to tonify all 12 meridians in the Traditional Chinese system of Medicine & is an extremely potent herbal synergist, stimulating the endocrine and adrenal glands.

Juniper berries are another Native American treasure, hailing from the Pine family of trees, they have long been used as a flavoring additive and are the original spice used to flavor Gin. Juniper berries have a stimulating effect on the kidneys and encourage cleansing of toxins. The taste can be described as something between rosemary & citrus, with a hint of lime.

Stevia is a sweet tasting sugar free herb that transforms the flavor of this herbal tonic tea into a drink that even old fashioned colas cannot compare with. Stevia contains an excellent anti-oxidant profile and has a history of safe traditional usage, and modern studies show that stevia can even help lower blood sugar levels and reduce weight!

Precautions Avoid while pregnant or nursing. The herbs in this blend are powerful, Turkey rhubarb in particular as a laxative and should be avoided if experiencing diarrhea. As with all herbs, please speak to your doctor before use.

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