Rose petals


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Also known as
Rosa x centifolia

The rose is a member of the Rosaceae family, having many different forms, much of which have been crossbred over the course of hundreds of years of human cultivation of the aromatic smelling flower. Roses have a historical lore as being tied to romance and love, and several compounds found in roses happen to have pharmacological activity that further confirms this relationship.

β-citronellol, nonadecane, geraniol, nerol and kaempferol were the major components of the oil.

Harvest Data
Origin: Egypt
Certified organic
Flower petals

Rose can be smoked, added to tea or culinary dishes, or powdered and taken as a supplement. Recommended dosage for tea is 1-2 tsp per 2-3 cups of water, gently simmered.

Rose petals are famous not only for their aroma and lore, but for their calming & uplifting effects, eliciting feelings of elation even just from the smell. Roses have a long history as a medicinal & cherished plant, signifying peace, love, & happiness.

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