Salicin 98%
(White Willow extract)
Salix alba


  • Product Type: Dry extracts


Also known as
White willow, Salicin

Standardized extract of Salix alba standardized to a Salicin concentration of 98%.

Salix alba, more commonly known as white willow is a medicinal tree whose bark has been long used by Native Americans and early US settlers as a pain reliever, to reduce fever, and for easing headaches. Salicin, one of the main actives in white willow bark has been chemically modified and is now sold as 'Aspirin', which is one of the most widely consumed pain relievers of its class.


500-1000 mgs or 1-2 capsules taken as needed as an all natural non-narcotic pain reliever.

Willow trees were used by Hippocrates, Galen, Pliny the Elder, and others in Europe and China for hundreds and thousands of years for their medicinal qualities.

Do not consume without knowing an accurate dosage. A milligram scale is highly recommended. Do not exceed recommended dose and do not mix with alcohol or other pain relievers.

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