Sarsaparilla root (Jamaican)


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Also known as
Smilax regelii

Jamaican sarsaparilla comes from a spiked vine in the Smilacaceae family of plants, the dried herb possesses a rich taste and has a number of health benefits which has made it a popular tonic over the years, finding its way into the original root beer & sarsaparilla recipes. Jamaican sarsaparilla is not quite as aromatic as the Indian variety, however it has a stronger medicinal action.

Sarsasaponin, Sarsaparilloside, Arsasapogenin, Sarsaparilla R1, Sarsaparilla R2, Parillin, Triterpenes

Harvest Data
Origin: Jamaica
Cut & sifted roots

Sarsaparilla brews a tasty & healthy tea with a cleansing tonic action. Recommended 2-4 grams or 1-2 teaspoon tea. Sarsaparilla makes a very tasty base note for tea blends and goes well with sassafras & other aromatics.

Sarsaparilla root is a delicious herbal tonic most known for its use as the main ingredient for the drink of the same name: Sarsaparilla. The root has been used for venereal disease, to increase the appetite, as a diuretic, & as a general health tonic or panacea. Jamaican sarsaparilla supports healthy hormone production and cleanses the blood, kidneys, & liver.

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