Shatavari root


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Also known as
Asparagus racemosus, Female ashwagandha

Shatavari is a renown herb in Ayurveda, being called such names as 'she with one-hundred husbands' and is the premier herb for rejuvenating the female sexual organs & reproductive system.

Steroidal saponins, Asparagamine A, shatavaroside A, shatavaroside B, filiasparoside C, shatavarins VI-X, shatavarin I, shatavarin IV, shatavarin V, immunoside, schidigerasaponin D5 & Isoflavone, 8-methoxy-5,6,4'-trihydroxyisoflavone 7-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside.

Harvest Data
Origin: India
Certified Organic
Cut & sifted roots

Shatavari can be chewed, made into tea, or powdered & encapsulated. Recommended dosage is 2-4 grams per day.

Shatavari is the best herb available for tonifying the female reproductive system & sexual organs, assisting with milk production, breast enlargement, fertility, vaginal lubrication, & more. It is no wonder this herb has been called 'she with one-hundred husbands'!

As with all herbs, please speak to your doctor before use, especially so if you are pregnant or taking any other herbs, supplements or medications.

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