Sida cordifolia seeds and powder


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Also known as
Bala, Indian Ephedrea

Sida cordifolia is native to India but considered an invasive weed in Africa, Australia, the US and Hawaii. It bears a heart shaped leaf, a testament to it's name; cordifolia. Sida has been traditionally used to help with congestion, stimulate breathing and to provide the body with energy. Sida has been shown to have anti-oxidant potential and possesses anti-inflammatory activity.

d-Isoephedrin, (l)-ephedrin, flavones, hypoglycemic and analgesic alkaloids, fatty acids

Harvest Data
Origin: India

Traditional use recommend 3-5 grams of ground seeds simmered in hot water for 5 minutes, alternatively the seeds have been consumed either ground or whole, with whole seeds having a longer duration.

Sida cordifolia has been used to help with breathing, to stimulate the body and has a comfortable glow that assists in balancing the stimulating effects. This herb is sold for it's original uses as outlined in Ayurvedic & Traditional Chinese Medicine systems, not for weight loss purposes.

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