Spearmint leaf


  • Product Type: Herbals


Also known as
Mentha spicata

Spearmint is a close relative of peppermint with a similar aroma and taste, but with a distinct flavor and unique essential oil composition.

carvone, limonene, dihydrocarvone, 1,8-cineol, menthol, menthone, neomenthone

Harvest Data
Origin: USA
Certified organic
Cut and sifted leaves

Added to tea for a natural cool and minty menthol taste, spearmint also has a calming action on stomach spasms, and is mildly mood boosting, even when smelled.

Spearmint has many uses aside form it's unforgettable flavor. It is anti-bacterial, relives indigestion, and the oil can be used to numb the mouth from oral pains.

For best results, add spearmint to tea after it has ceased to boil. This will preserve more of the flavor.

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