Stevia leaf


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Also known as
Stevia rebaudiana

Stevia is a traditional South American herb used for flavoring food and drinks with a strikingly close taste to sugar! The leaves themselves are claimed to be 30-300 times sweeter than sugar and is touted as an all natural alternative to the questionable artificial sweeteners now found on the market.

steviol, isosteviol, stevioside, quercetin diterpene glycosides, dulcoside, rebaudioside C, rebaudioside A, jhanol, flavonoid glycosides

Harvest Data
Origin: Paraguay
Certified organic
Cut and sifted foliage

Add to tea, sprinkly on food, use in place of sugar in virtually any application!

Stevia is a game changer, no doubt about that. It has caused controversy in the US, originally being prohibited for food use by the FDA, but thanks in part to Coca-cola backing expensive studies on the leaf, has regained it's legal status as a safe and effective herbal supplement. Stevia is considered quite harmless, and in fact is the most common non-sugar sweetener in many countries such as Japan, which has done the opposite of the US and banned sketchy artificial sweeteners.

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