Suma root


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Also known as
Pfaffia paniculata, Brazilian ginseng

Suma is a South American root with a mild vanilla like taste that has been hailed as an adaptogen, nourishing the body with rare and essential nutrients while helping it deal with stress while providing energy. It has many similarities to Ginseng and contains a vast amount of beneficial compounds, including the rare mineral Germanium.

Amino Acids, electrolytes, minerals, pfaffic acid, Germanium, Sitosterol, Stigmasterol, Beta-ecdysone, and Saponins.

Harvest Data
Origin: Brazil
Cut and sifted root

Can be chewed or taken in tea to nourish the body to reduce stress and increase endurance.

Suma root makes a wonderfully beneficial addition to ones diet, nourishing the body with rare minerals and providing stress free energy.

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