Synaptolepis kirkii root powder


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Also known as
Synaptolepis kirkii, Uvuma-omhlope

Synaptolepis kirkii is a bluish-green shrub with white to cream colored roots. The herb has been traditionally used by the Zulu and Xhosa, two large South African tribes, to improve dream recall, to induce spiritual visions, and to help initiate a trance type experience.

'kirkinine', a potent neurotrophic which stimulates the growth of nerve cells

Harvest Data
Origin: Africa
Root powder

500 mg to a full gram, best brewed in tea with the solids also consumed. May be taken encapsulated or straight, preferably with lecithin, a fat, or some cocoa for absorption.

Synaptolepis kirkii is a profound herb when utilized as an oneirogen, meaning "That which creates dreams". The root has been used for thousands of years by multiple African tribes for spiritual and medicinal purposes, for shamanic rituals, and to induce dreams as to bring about communication with one's ancestors. Additionally, Synaptolepis kirkii has potent nootropic effects, meaning that it can also improve cognition, learning, and memory when taken regularly.

Due to the potent nerve growth factor type activity attributed to Synaptolepis kirkii, it may promote the growth of certain types of tumors as well. Due to this it is not recommended to be taken by those who are at risk of tumor growth. Larger than recommended doses may also cause nausea.

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