Uva ursi herb


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Also known as
Arctostaphylos uva ursi, kinnikinnick, bearberry

Uva ursi is a plant that has distributed itself throughout much of the northern hemisphere, being found in Iceland, Norway, Spain, Siberia, Canada, and the Rocky Mountains, among other locations. The name uva-ursi means "grape of the bear" in Latin (ūva ursī), and Arctostaphylos in Greek means ("bear-grape"), and has been traditionally used to support a healthy urinary tract and to fight infections. The herb is also a traditional smoking herb, being used as one of the foundations of the herbal smoking blend known as "kinnikinnick".

arbutin, methylarbutin, coralagin, piceoside, gallic acid, myrcitrin, isoquercitrin, ursolic acid, uvaol

Harvest Data
Origin: Croatia
Certified organic
Cut and sift herb

1/2-1 teaspoons per serving, best brewed with a light simmer or steep. Uva ursi can also be smoked for its astringent flavor and taste. It is recommended by some herbalists to not take the herb daily, and to not exceed more than 3 grams of the herb per day.

Uva ursi is a useful herb for those who are experiencing urinary pains and inflammation. A component of the herb, arbutin, is metabolized in the human body into hydroquinone, a potent antimicrobial. As the constituents of uva ursi are excreted from the human body they elicit a local anti-inflammatory effect and make the area inhospitable to some bacteria and pathogens. The whole herb has shown more efficacy in assisting with urinary tract infections than arbutin alone. If using uva ursi as part of a detox, it is recommended to mix it with the Phoenix Remedy medicated tea or the herbs present within the blend.

Uva ursi should not be taken daily, and should not be used in doses higher than 3 grams. Uva ursi should not be taken by those with sensitive or damaged livers.

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