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Whole-food Nutrition formulation is a powerful combination of superfoods that excel at regenerating the entire body both quickly and comprehensively. The combined nutrient profile of this formulation makes it the perfect nutritional supplement to promote and maintain health and prevent nutrient deficiencies. These superfoods restore healthy intestinal flora, improve digestion, mental health, & provide rare trace minerals that are devoid in the modernized diet.


Oat grass,
Beet root,
Maqui berry,
Açaí berry (freeze dried juice),
Hawthorn berry,
Orange peel,
Dulse leaf, &
Sea kelp

This formulation is to be taken with a small amount of unsweetened juice (orange is recommended) and a 1/2 cup of water 5-10 min. before each meal and preferably on an empty stomach. For additional nutritional support, 1/2 - 1 tbsp of nigella sativa powder or cold-pressed black seed oil can be added to the mix.

Oat grass is a very nutritious nerve tonic which is very useful for those with anxiety and stress. It is a valuable restorative food that with many benefits, such as a calming action on the nerves and a balancing of blood sugar levels, all while providing an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, & polyphenols.

Spirulina is one the most nutrient-rich and potent superfoods on the planet. It is excellent for maintaining adequate protein levels, enhancing the effects of herbs that work on serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline, gaba, & endorphin while preventing deficiencies of these neurotransmitters and their amino-acid precursors. The vitamins, minerals, and amino acids contained in spirulina are highly bio-available and so even very small amounts can serve to quickly nourish and regenerate the entire body. Spirulina is also very effective in detoxifying heavy metals from the liver and nervous system.

Moringa is one of the most nutritious leaf powders around and a convenient way to supplement your body with a wide range of different vitamins, minerals, & anti-oxidants. Moringa supports digestion, metabolism, and provides trace nutrients, finding itself more as a functional food rather than a medicinal or purely nutritional herb.

Beet root is a delicious way to supplement your body with a wide range of different nutrients, minerals, & anti-oxidants that provide the body with the tools needed for proper functioning. Beet root contains large amounts of betaine, which is essential for the production of methyl groups, which are linked to vital neural, sexual, & detoxification processes.

Maqui berry is a very sweet & tart fruit, tasting similar to raspberry mixed with a sweet cranberry. Maqui is an extremely nutritious fruit high in the anthocyanin family of polyphenols which are found in blueberries, raspberries, & cranberries.

Acai berry is a very nutritious fruit with a deep rich taste that is somewhat reminiscent of wine without the bite of the alcohol. Acai berry contains the proanthocyanidin family of polyphenols & provides an incredible vitamin/nutrient profile similar to blackberries, while only containing a fraction of the sugars found in modern fruits.

Hawthorn berry is an age old remedy used to support and heal the heart, reducing blood pressure, aiding blood flow, and protecting the body from oxidative stress.

Orange peel has numerous health benefits ranging from warding off illness and bacteria, reducing inflammation, nourishing the body with vitamins and minerals and much more, and the taste of the peel is much enjoyed when brewed into tea or combined with the proper foods. The taste is very similar to orange zest.

Dulse is the king of sea vegetable nutrition, supplying the body with an abundance of minerals in a well assimilated form and is one of the most effective ways to provide your body with the required intake of iodine, a mineral necessary for the proper functioning of the pineal and thyroid glands. Iodized salt does just not cut it!

Kelp is an extremely mineral dense superfood that provides numerous trace minerals and rare nutrients that are vital to the human body, and often lacking in today's diet. Iodine, found in high amounts in kelp is vital for a proper functioning Pineal and Thyroid gland, and will even displace the fluoride, chloride, & bromide that deposit themselves deep inside the body through way of toxins & water.

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