Wild cherry bark


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Also known as
Prunus serotina

Prunus serotina, more commonly known as wild cherry, is a a tree belonging to the Rosaceae family of plants. Wild cherry is native to the eastern North American continent and parts of Mexico. Black cherry contains a compound known as amygdalin, formerly known by some as laetrile or Vitamin b17.

amygdalin, acetylcholine, HCN, kaempferol, p-coumaric acid, prunasin, quercetin, scopoletin, tannins

Harvest Data
Origin: USA
Certified Organic
Cut and sift bark

Wild cherry bark can be brewed into a bitter tea with hotly debated health benefits. Recommended dosage is 1-2 teaspoons simmered for 3-5 minutes.

Wild cherry is a contested plant regarding its effects on human health. One fraction believes the bark can be harmful due to the presence of cyanogenic glycosides, while the other believes the bark is vitally important to our health and well being. We offer this bark with no claims attached, and encourage readers to do extra research regarding this botanical and its active constituents, namely amygdalin.

Wild cherry contains a number of cyanogenic glycosides, which convert to hydrogen cyanide inside the body. The seed may have potentially toxic activity, so long term use or high doses of this product are not recommended.

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