Wood betony herb


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Also known as
Stachys officinalis, Betonica officinalis, Betony

Wood betony is a very well known and appreciated plant to older herbalists, used for so many purposes that it is even considered a panacea, or cure-all by those who know the herb intimately. Wood betony belongs to the mint, or Lamiaceae family of plants, and is distantly related to a similar herb known as Indian warrior, which shares some of the calming activity that Wood betony is best known for. An Italian proverb regarding the plant states that you should "Sell your coat and buy Betony."

harpagide, rosmarinic acid, stachydrine, betaine

Harvest Data
Origin: USA, Poland
Cut and sift foliage
Certified organic

Wood betony makes a nourishing tea, a potent tincture, and an effective smoke. The herb is safe for daily use and relaxes tension throughout the entire body, namely that of muscles, blood vessels, and of thoughts and emotions. Recommended 1-2 teaspoons gently simmered in 2-3 cups of water taken daily. Additional dosing during the day or night is recommended for those looking to bring balance to their being.

Betony has many uses from treating migraines to relaxing nervous tension, both physical and mental. The herb is a restorative, digestive tonic, and quells the analytical chatter of the mind in favor of the calmer, intuitive and emotional perspective.

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