Wormwood herb, Chinese (Qing Hao)


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Also known as
Artemisia annua, Qing Hao

Chinese wormwood is a an herb belonging to the Asteraceae family of plants, and the Artemisia genus with similar plants like mugwort. Chinese wormwood, also known as Qing Hao, has been used in the traditional system of Chinese medicine for thousands of years, being commonly used to treat fever. Extracts of Chinese wormwood specified for artemisinin are used to make anti-malaria drugs, and the compound is currently being investigated as an alternative treatment for cancer.

artemisinin, a-thujone, b-thujone, sabinene, myrcene, trans-sabinol, trans- sabinyl acetate, linalyl acetate, geranyl propionate, thujyl alcohol, absinthin

Harvest Data
Cut and sifted foliage
Good manufacturing process certified & preservative free

Typically taken as tea, although used as a food ingredient, incense, smoking herb, and flavoring in many parts of the world. Alcoholic extractions at room temperature will yield the strongest extraction, as some of the actives are heat sensitive and poorly water soluble.

Chinese wormwood is one of the most valuable anti-parasitical and health supportive herbs in the world, killing off numerous different parasites and is even showing significant promise in ongoing studies in regards to cancer and tumor growth. Recent studies have also shown that Chinese wormwood belong with the top four medicinal herbs with the highest highest ORAC value (Oxygen radical absorbance capacity), with Chinese wormwood containing over 50 unique phenolic compounds. Chinese wormwood also shows anti-allergenic properties and benefits the circulatory system.

Do not take when pregnant. Long term use is not recommended as thujone, a constituent of wormwood is believed to be toxic in large doses.

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