Wormwood herb


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Also known as
Artemisia absinthus

Wormwood is a an herb belonging to the Asteraceae family of plants, belonging to the Artemisia genus with similar plants like mugwort. Wormwood has been used as an anti-parasitical, a flavoring for beer, and is most known for its role in the infamous drink known as "Absinthe", which is claimed to have psychoactive, hallucinatory properties.

a-thujone, b-thujone, sabinene, myrcene, trans-sabinol, trans- sabinyl acetate, linalyl acetate, geranyl propionate, thujyl alcohol, absinthin

Harvest Data
Cut and sifted foliage
Certified organic

Typically taken as tea, although used as a food ingredient, incense, smoking herb, and flavoring in many parts of the world.

Wormwood is one of the most valuable anti-parasitical herbs in the world, killing off the larval stages of many parasites, making an essential addition in many herbal based parasite cleansing formulations, often mixed with clove, black walnut hull, & neem. Wormwood is also considered a magical herb, associated with the faeries of Absinthe, or the other worldly dreams it can help produce, it is an ideal herb for the mystic & metaphysical apprentice. A constituent found in wormwood known as thujone is believed to be responsible for some of the ethereal effects that wormwood and related plants can produce.

Do not take when pregnant. Long term use is not recommended as thujone, a constituent of wormwood is believed to be toxic in large doses.

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