Yohimbe bark and powder


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Also known as
Pausinystalia yohimbe, Corynanthe yohimbe

Yohimbe is an evergreen tree native to central Africa that can reach heights of up to 90 feet. In Africa, this plant has been used for generations as an aphrodisiac, a hallucinogen, an antiseptic, and to treat impotence. It was also used by warriors as a stimulant before battle. Yohimbe was traditionally used during the mating rituals of the Bantu-speaking Afrikan tribes and some of these orgiastic rituals have been known to last multiple days and in some cases weeks, with the dosing of the Yohimbe steadily rising day by day.

Ajmaline, corynantheine, quebrachin, yohimbine, pseudoyohimbine, and mesoyohimbine.

Harvest Data
Our Yohimbe is harvested in the wild during the rainy season, from May to September in Cameroon, Africa. This is the time that it has the greatest alkaloid content.
Outer bark strips or powder

Our Yohimbe powder is strong enough to be used in capsules, average doses range from 100 mg to 2 grams depending on desired effects. Caution: Higher doses can cause side effects such as hallucinations, spikes in blood pressure and temperature, panic attacks and anxiety. Ashwagandha, Rhodiola rosea, and Kava serve as the perfect companion herbs for Yohimbe, providing a sense of tranquility and calm that balances Yohimbe's sometimes overwhelming strong stimulating nature.

Yohimbe is host to a number of indole alkaloids with Yohimbine being the primary active with concentrations reaching as high as 6% in some samples! Yohimbe strongly affects the adrenergic receptors and to a lesser extent the serotonin 5HT receptors as well as possessing MAOI like properties. Studies with Yohimbe indicate that it has effects similar to viagra by affecting the bodies nitric oxide production and also increases blood flow to the genitals of both men and women. Due to these effects, the active constituent Yohimbine is often sold as "herbal viagra". The whole herb is preferable to most informed users and contains a lot more active chemicals than just Yohimbine and should be treated thus as a separate entity with some similarities.

Seek medical attention in an emergency room if erection lasts more than four hours. Recommended under the supervision of someone qualified to use this substance. Not recommended if you have severe kidney or liver disease. Not to be taken if you are currently on blood thinning medication, have irregular blood pressure or heart beat, and it is not recommended to be taken for extended periods of time or in larger than normal doses. Certain herbs and medications can cause injury if mixed with yohimbe, please be cautious and educated.

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