Anadenanthera peregrina seeds (Yopo)


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Also known as
Anadenanthera Peregrina, Yopo

Anadenanthera Peregrina is a perennial tree of the genus Anadenanthera native to the Caribbean and South America. It grows up to 20 m (66 ft) tall, and has a horny bark. Its flowers are pale yellow to white and spherical. It is an entheogen which has been used in healing ceremonies and rituals for thousands of years in South America.

indole, tannin, beta-carbolines

Harvest Data
Origin: South America
Whole seeds

Anadenanthera beans are sometimes used as starting material for jewelry or in shamanic type rituals.

Archaeological evidence shows Anadenanthera beans have been used as divinatory agents for thousands of years. The oldest clear evidence of use comes from smoking pipes made of puma bone found with Anadenanthera beans at Inca Cueva, a site in the northwest of Humahuaca in the Puna border of Jujuy Province, Argentina. Radiocarbon testing of the material gave a date of 2130 BC, suggesting that Anadenanthera use is over 4,000 years old. Some indigenous peoples of the Orinoco basin in Colombia, Venezuela and possibly in the southern part of the Brazilian Amazon make use of yopo snuff for spiritual healing. Yopo snuff was also widely used in ceremonial contexts in the Caribbean area, including Puerto Rico and La Española, up to the Spanish Conquest.

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