Red willow bark


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Also known as
Cornus Stolonifera, red osier dogwood

Cornus Stolonifera is a native North American flowering plant belonging to the Cornaceae family, home to the Western and Northern Americas. Red willow was used by the Lakota Indians as a form of "traditional tobacco", smoked either by itself or in a mixture with other herbs such as uva ursi, mullein, or lobelia.

cornin, gallic acid, gum, lignin, minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium), resin, saponins, tannic acid, volatile oil, and wax

Harvest Data
Origin: USA
cut bark pieces

The bark is traditionally smoked or used as incense, and goes well with uva ursi, pedicularis spp., mullein, yarrow, lobelia, osha, wild indigo, skullcap, ashwagandha foliage, lavender, and kanna.

Red willow is a mysterious herb, more known for its addition in traditional Native American smoke blends than as a medicinal. Red willow is an important ingredient in the Native American smoking blend "kinnickinnick", where it is mixed with tobacco and other herbs, such as uva ursi (bearberry), yerba santa, mullein, and osha.

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