Broad leaf Indian tea (White)


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Our Broad-leaf Indian white tea is a rare & exotic tea leaf of the larger leafed Camellia sinensis plants usually reserved for black teas such as Assam. This type of tea plant is unique for its delicate taste, incredible amount of anti-oxidants, and unique effect profile.

Broad-leaf Indian white tea is a unique type of tea with the highest amount of polyphenols, specifically EGCG, of any & all other known tea types. This tea is not fermented or roasted, and ranges in color from light green to dark purple, carrying with it a sweet, delicate taste. Because this type of tea comes from a broad-leaf, almost tree-like cultivar, it absorbs much more sunlight than typical teas. This is believed to have a substantial effect on the anti-oxidant value of the tea.

EGCG, L-Theanine, caffeine, theobromine, theophyllne, theobromine, anti-oxidants, polyphenols

Harvest Data
Origin: India
Certified Organic
White tea leaves

Simmer water and tea leaves for 2-3 minutes, strain and enjoy!

Camellia sinensis is a wonderful tasting herb available in many different styles that compliments the body by providing energy and relaxing the mind. Green tea increases serotonin and dopamine levels while protecting the body from damage caused by oxidative stress.

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