Herbal powder blends

Egyptian Chocolate medicated herbal coffee

Egyptian Chocolate is a mood elevating blend that improves energy levels, motivation, & sociability while nourishing the mind, body, & soul.... more info

Essiac medicated tea powder

Essiac is a traditional herbal remedy originally used by the Canadian Ojibway Indians as a cure-all tonic & body cleanser. Essiac became known thanks... more info

Food of the Gods superfood powder

Food of the Gods nutritional formulation has been handcrafted with the finest & most revered superfoods on Earth, providing unequaled support in... more info

Food of the Immortal superfood powder

Food of the Immortal is comprised of the most effective anti-aging & energy building herbs, all renown in the Traditional Chinese system of Medicine... more info

Healing Relief medicated herbal powder

Healing Relief is a premier pain relieving herbal blend comprised of seven herbs used in traditional systems of medicine that have been hand selected... more info

Kundalini Coffee medicated herbal coffee

Kundalini Coffee is a hand crafted and masterfully blended formulation designed to elicit a unique effect that consists of awakening the mind,... more info

Malaysian Mocha medicated herbal coffee

Malaysian Mocha is a unique alternative to coffee which has been hand-crafted and carefully blended with the intention of improving mood, enhancing... more info

Mayan Chocolate medicated herbal coffee

Mayan Chocolate was designed for its rejuvenating effects on mind, body, and soul, producing a warm & uplifting chocolate based drink that makes an... more info

MindWill medicated herbal powder

MindWill is a cognitive enhancing & motivation optimizing blend formulated from the most potent adaptogens in the world. The herbs in this blend are... more info

Moonlit Slumber medicated herbal powder

Moonlit Slumber is a premier formulation for a deep nights sleep, six herbs hand selected for their ability to quiet the mind & body, promoting a... more info

Titan Mocha medicated herbal coffee

Titans Mocha is a blend that is perfect for the athlete or the lover, an energizing and invigorating herbal formulation spiced with raw chocolate and... more info

Triphala medicated tea powder

Ingredients: Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Bibhitaki (Terminalia belerica), & Amla fruit (Emblica officinalis), Introduction Triphala is a widely... more info

Whole-food Nutrition superfood powder

Whole-food Nutrition formulation is a powerful combination of superfoods that excel at regenerating the entire body both quickly and comprehensively.... more info

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