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Pacify the Heart herbal tea is an all natural blend of healing and tonifying herbs, designed to nourish the heart, dilate the vascular system, counter inflammation, and thin the blood, all of which support the circulatory system and improve blood flow, reducing the stress placed on the heart. While this blend is holistically calming to the entire organism, it does not influence the mood in any significant way, and is primarily a focused heart support and circulatory system tonic.


Red sage,
Rama Holy basil,
Lemon peel,

Loose herbal tea blend best lightly boiled or simmered for 3-5 minutes. Recommended 2-3 teaspoons daily for general heart and circulatory health, using 2 teaspoons per cup of water.

Red sage root is a pain relieving & blood moving herb of the Salvia family, more commonly known as Mint. Red sage is one of the 50 premier herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and functions as a mild pain killer on its own, but excels more at strengthening the heart and improving circulation. Red sage is used in China as a first line defense for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complaints, and functions as a powerful blood thinner, circulatory tonic, and anti-inflammatory.

Holy basil is one of the most highly revered herbs in India and Ayurveda. Holy basil is a true adaptogen, balancing our physical workings in a health promoting manner while reducing stress and nourishing the temple that is our body. Holy basil is anti-inflammatory and reduces cortisol, being a vital ally for stress sensitive individuals. We use the traditional form of Holy basil, the Rama cultivar in this formulation.

Lavender is a well known medicinal herb & spice, producing a distinctive smell & flavor. Lavender is very proficient at improving the mood & reducing anxiety, and is effective at settling the stomach, as a circulatory tonic, & as a general purpose nervine sedative.

Lemongrass is a sweet tasting herb very much entwined with Thai cuisine that imparts a strong citrus like aroma and possesses potent muscle relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects, both of which are mediated by the endocannabinoid receptors which lemongrass, similarly to Hops, activates.

Hibiscus petals are complexly sour & delicious, providing a number of beneficial acids rarely found in the diet that have a potent effect on balancing gut flora, respiratory health, circulation, blood pressure, & general heart health.

Lemon peel is common tonic of the east with a semi-sweet citrus taste, containing a very impressive amount of readily absorbed polyphenol anti-oxidants and eliciting a mild state of focus, relaxation & peace.

Cardamom is most commonly used as an exotic spice, an ingredient in masala spiced teas, or as a digestive aid, chewed with fennel after a meal. It has an impressive array of aromatics present in its essential oil and can be used in a multitude of spice & herb blends, either as a medicinal or for its aromatic flavor. Cardamom is a warming spice, and used in this blend for its flavor as well as its blood moving and lung supporting effects.

Ginger is a great tonic with a spicy taste, generally used for nausea but also functions as a potent anti-inflammatory agent with powerful blood circulating effects.

Cinnamon is a famous sweet & spicy herb that belongs to the same family as Sassafras, 'Laurel'. Cinnamon is a powerful blood mover and warming spice. The oil from this spice dilates blood vessels, triggers a very small, but physiologically evident stimulation of adrenaline, and helps keep the brain stimulated. Cinnamon is used in this blend for both flavor and to improve blood flow.

Peppermint is a delicious wintergreen flavored spice that provides a cooling anti-inflammatory & anti depressant effect that is a much welcome addition to the spicy & stimulating natures of cinnamon & ginger.

Nutmeg is a very special herb, in fresh whole or cut form much different than what one would find as a powdered spice on the shelves of their local supermarket. The flavor is that of a savory aromatic, rich & deep, thick & intoxicating. Nutmeg, especially the inner kernel is a powerful sedative, and anti-inflammatory herb, with profound effects on reducing blood pressure.

Hops is a well known sedative & psychotropic plant relative of Cannabis sativa, another sedative much enjoyed as an inebriant & pacifying agent to many cultures of the world. While Hops is traditionally brewed into beer, it has a much longer history of use as a sedative in the form of tea, to which it provides a similar effect to beer, minus the intoxication brought about by alcohol.

Stevia is a very important herb in this modern day & age, simulating the taste of sugar with zero added calories. Stevia can help one experience the full flavor profile of many herbs & spices while masking the bitter flavors that some stronger herbs possess.

This blend contains Red sage, a powerful blood thinner and circulation tonic. "Red sage can affect hemostasis in several ways, including inhibition of platelet aggregation, interference with the extrinsic blood coagulation, antithrombin III-like activity, and promotion of fibrinolytic activity."

Red sage has the potential to interact with warfarin and similar drugs, preventing blood from properly coagulating leading to bleeding with the blood unable to clot.

If you do take any medications related to the blood or heart, it is highly recommended to speak to your doctor before consuming this herb or blend.

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