Medicated herbal coffee

Egyptian Chocolate medicated herbal coffee powder

Egyptian Chocolate is a mood elevating blend that improves energy levels, motivation, & sociability while nourishing the mind, body, & soul.... more info

Food of the Gods medicated nutritional powder

Food of the Gods nutritional formulation has been handcrafted with the finest & most revered superfoods on Earth, providing unequaled support in... more info

Food of the Immortal medicated herbal coffee powder

Food of the Immortal is comprised of the most effective anti-aging & energy building herbs, all renown in the Traditional Chinese system of Medicine... more info

Kundalini Coffee medicated herbal coffee powder

Kundalini Coffee is a hand crafted and masterfully blended formulation designed to elicit a unique effect that consists of awakening the mind,... more info

Mayan Chocolate medicated herbal coffee powder

Mayan Chocolate was designed for its rejuvenating effects on mind, body, and soul, producing a warm & uplifting chocolate based drink that makes an... more info

Titan Mocha medicated herbal coffee powder (Kashmiri Chocolate)

Titans Mocha is a blend that is perfect for the athlete or the lover, an energizing and invigorating herbal formulation spiced with raw chocolate and... more info

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