Sheep sorrel tincture

Sheep sorrel tincture


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Tinctured herbal extract of Sheep sorrel herb (Rumex acetosella), preserved in 45% alcohol. Approximately 750 mg to 1 gram of herb per dropper.

Also known as
Rumex acetosella

Sheep sorrel is a common North American perennial weed. The herb has a tart flavor and is sometimes used in cooking, but the oxalic acid content renders the plant more suitable for medicine than food. Sheep sorrel is one of the major ingredients of Essiac.

glycosides, anthraquinones, vitamins, oxalic acid

Harvest Data
Origin: Bulgaria
Certified organic

1-2 teaspoons, gently simmered in 2-3 cups of water. Sheep sorrel is best used in low doses frequently, or moderate to large doses sporadically.

Sheep sorrel is one herb that the herbalist should not forget, its status as a weed just means that one has not yet realized the benefits that the herb offers. Sheep sorrel detoxifies the body through a diuretic and sweat inducing action, effectively cleansing the kidneys in the process. Sheep sorrel is rich in minerals and vitamins to nourish the body while it cleanses it. Nurse Rene M. Caisse, the originator of a four herb formulation called Essiac, believed Sheep sorrel was instrumental in helping her patients, and believed this herb above the others played the most important role in their miraculous recoveries.

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