Indian warrior flower buds


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Also known as
Pedicularis densiflora, Indian warrior, Warrior's plume

Pedicularis densiflora is a perennial herb of the lousewort genus and an aggressive root parasite, attaching to and leeching out nutrients and constituents of its host plant. Pedicularis does not need to prey on other plants to survive, but will do so readily given the opportunity and a healthy host. Pedicularis functions as a muscle relaxer and analgesic sedative, and is favored as a chief smoking herb.

Iridoid glycosides iridoids; 6-O-acetylaucubin; 8-epiloganin; mussaenoside; shanzhiside methyl ester; aucubin; euphroside; plantarenaloside; shanzhiside methyl ester; gardoside methyl ester; ixoroside; 8-epiloganin; mussaenoside; pedicularioside; penstemoside; penstemonoside; boschnaloside; and phenylpropanoid glycosides, verbascoside and pedicularioside.

Harvest Data
Origin: USA
Purple flower buds
Responsibly wildharvested

Pedicularis plants are very interesting ones, they function as powerful nervine sedatives, muscle relaxers, pain relievers, and anxiety reducers, and are extremely potent, the flower buds of these plants are even strong enough to smoke! We recommend low doses when starting to partake of Pedicularis, either 1/2 a teaspoon in tea or enough for a few tokes of a pipe. Pedicularis is somewhat mild to moderate strength, but care should be taken if mixed with other sedatives or alcohol and/or if operating a motor vehicle.

Pedicularis is an herb that was enjoyed by many Native American tribes and herbalists of the Americas, and is still used today as one of the premier muscle relaxers and nervine sedatives. In fact, Pedicularis, especially the flower buds of Pediculatis densiflora, is perhaps one of the strongest legal smokable herbs there is, right up there with tobacco and cannabis.

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